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Living With PSC

Jun 15, 2021

PSC Partners Seeking a Cure is pleased to present Living With PSC, a podcast moderated by Niall McKay. Each month, this podcast explores the latest research and knowledge about primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), a rare liver disease. From patient stories, to the latest research updates from PSC experts, to collaborations that are necessary to find better treatments and a cure, this podcast has it all!

In episode 24, Host Niall McKay talks with Post-transplant PSCer, Author, Mom, and Host of PSC Mami Podcast Monika Aldarondo.
"It's been interesting to learn that recurrent PSC does not follow the same trajectory or path as your original PSC," says Aldarondo. "So far, for me, this has been a really different experience."
In the podcast, McKay and Aldarondo cover several interesting topics, including: