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Living With PSC

May 18, 2022

PSC Partners Seeking a Cure is pleased to present Living With PSC, a podcast moderated by Niall McKay. Each month, this podcast explores the latest research and knowledge about primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC), a rare liver disease. From patient stories, to the latest research updates from PSC experts, to collaborations that are necessary to find better treatments and a cure, this podcast has it all!

In episode 32, Host Niall McKay talks with Dr. Espen Melum, MD, PhD, Norwegian PSC Research Center, about a new discovery in PSC research. Dr. Melum and his colleagues have discovered antigens that activate T cells, or MAIT cells, that are present in a number of PSC patients participating in the study. These findings point to the role of contaminated bile in the onset of PSC.